It is inevitable that we will face difficulty in our lives. We cannot foresee the places we will end up, and for some of us those places will be dark at times. Trouble comes and it disorients us – we feel we are going lose our way and we no longer have a sense of where we are heading.

While we cannot choose how and when these times may come, it can help to recognize those seasons and remember that it is just that: a season, a temporary time with an end or eventual transition to a new orientation.

In this sermon, in order to help provide language and context for moving forward in times of disorientation, I present a framework used by Walter Brueggemann for interpreting Psalms: orientation, disorientation, and new orientation. When times of disorientation come, how do we engage God? Like the faithful people who have gone before us, how do we invite him into our pain, frustration and confusion?

“Disorientation” from Vimeo

One thought on “Disorientation

  1. Loved this. It is a timely message as I found me myself in disorientation again. May God continue to bless you and use you. Truly a gem for our generation although it take some time for you to surrender 😘


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